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Here you can view a few of the many homes which we have proudly built.
We are always happy to show prospective clients our entire portfolio upon request.

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While individual results may vary the pictures displayed above show the progression of a
typical two-story modular crane set beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m. the same day.


Hay Front.jpg (72636 bytes)  mcg left  Del Front  Int Left  Sac Right

Alp Right  Lit right  mul right  reg left  sto front

bra left  par front  mar right  eli left  mol left

app right  mul left  int right  del right  alp left

zie left  mcg right  hay left  buc right  per left

lit front  app front  reg right  tes right  mar left

tes left  eli right  bra right  sac left  par left    
Pictured above are a few of our two story colonial homes.


ski right  ogo right  bur right

  ham right  str right  mah front

mah right  ski left  ogo front  ham front  mca left
Pictured above are a few of our bi-level homes.


kes right  sha front  col front  dan left

fre left  mor front  she front  kes front
Pictured above are a few of our cape style homes.


cal rr

and right  com front  har right  wag right

com right  gra left  sch right  hil right  

wag left  kli left  har left  bai right  and left  

hil left  pel right  mod left  bue left
Pictured above are a few of our ranch style homes.


sha loft  sha traps  app bow  App Fireplace

App Kitchen  App Patio Doors  App Stairs  App WP  loft fr doors

she Traps  Snow Traps  Cal Porch  Reg Garage  eli rec

mul por  Cal Rear Deck
Pictured above are just a few of the many options available.


fht front      fht int front   fht eng  fht int left  fht skyview
Pictured above are some interior and exterior views



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